How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bags

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bags

Finding the right sleeping bag can be a challenging task, especially if you’re headed on a camping trip but don’t want to come home with a sore back. Not to mention, investing in the right sleeping bag can save your life in an emergency.

However, with so many different materials to choose from, selecting the right sleeping bag can be a difficult task. Fortunately, this detailed buying guide will provide you all the information you’ll need to make the right purchase.

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Why Should You Choose Your Sleeping Bag Carefully

A warm and cozy sleeping bag can potentially save your life when you're out hiking or backpacking during the winter. We understand that not all of our readers are campers and backpackers, but it's still worth buying a durable sleeping bag that will come in handy when you're traveling outdoors.

Sleeping bag with sheet.

Additionally, good quality sleeping bags are likely to last several years without any problems, which is exceptionally important if you are investing in a sleeping bag for your child.

Furthermore, quality sleeping bags typically come with a stellar warranty, which ensures you avail maximum value from your purchase.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Sleeping Bag

Whether you're packing for an outdoor adventure or your kid's slumber party, there are a couple of important factors one keeps to take into account when purchasing a sleeping bag according to your needs. The most important factors include:


Folks usually purchase sleeping bags for the following activities:

  • Camping trips
  • Backpacking trips
  • ​Sleepovers
  • ​Car Camping

It's essential you keep usage in mind to ensure the sleeping bag suits to your needs. People who are car camping may not be bothered by the sleeping bag’s heavyweight whereas backpackers or people who are going hiking will be better off with a more lightweight material.

Consider The Season

Will you be using the sleeping bag during the summers or when the temperatures drop low? It's important you assess the season and the weather conditions before investing. You'll typically find three types of bags for different seasons:

TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag



These sleeping bags are designed to withstand higher temperatures and are made using lighter fabrics. The lightweight fabric also makes it easier for folks to carry and transport their sleeping bag from place to place. They often include full-length zippers so that you can unzip the bag all the way down on a hot day.

Three Season

This kind of sleeping bag is suitable for colder weather, making it a great option for autumn and spring temperatures. A three-season sleeping bag will offer folks’ adequate amount of protection in case the temperature dips below 0 degrees.

Good quality sleeping bags will include accessories such as draft collars, zipper draft tubes and a cinch-able hood for better protection.


Winter sleeping bags are similar regarding design when compared to three season sleeping bags. These bags are constructed using more thermal materials and thus offer better insulation. However, the thick materials can make carrying the bag around more cumbersome.


Baffles are compartments found inside sleeping bags to hold the filling inside, which ensures the filling spreads evenly throughout the sleeping bag.


The overall size and thickness of the sleeping bag determine how comfortable it is to use. Opt for a roomy yet lightweight bag that you can carry around with ease. More space will allow you to stretch your legs and get a good night's sleep.

Down is considered as the most efficient and lightweight insulation

However, it's worth noting that extra space can cause cold air to fill the bag, causing you to feel chilly on a winter night. If you do require the extra room, ensure you have a blanket to keep your warm and toasty.

Additionally, an uncomfortable sleeping bag may not seem so bad if you're only camping for a night. However, if you're planning on spending a couple of days on the camp site, it's crucial you pay attention to comfort, or else you'll be back home with a sore back.

Features And Accessories

These sleeping bags include standard features such as a durable shell, stash pocket, heavy-duty zippers and a draft tube. These additional features boost comfort and increase warmth.

A water resistant stash pocket is another useful feature that you might like since it will allow you to store your phone or GPS device inside without fear of breakage.


Invest in a versatile sleeping bag that can come in handy during various weather conditions. Don't forget to consider where you'll be camping and what time of the year it will be.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

If you like to camp throughout the year, you'll benefit from a versatile sleeping bag that you can use in all seasons. We suggest you invest in a quality product that will easily fall in your budget without any problems.

Inner Linings

Fine polyester and nylon are all common materials used for lining sleeping bags. If you want to invest in a more lightweight model, we suggest you opt for a sleeping bag with a cotton or flannel inner lining. The only downside is that cotton tends to trap moisture, which is not ideal for places with low temperatures.

Shape Of The Bag

You will find many different types of sleeping bags, available in various shapes and sizes. Choosing a particular shape typically depends on the user's personal preference, body shape, comfort and overall usage. The main types of bags include:

  • Rectangular Sleeping Bag: These sleeping bags are, you guessed it, rectangular and offer plenty of foot room for the sleeper. This conventional design might not be the best option for areas with colder temperatures. However, for additional coverage, you can always zip two rectangular sleeping bags together for better coverage.
  • Double Sleeping Bag: These sleeping bags can easily fit two people and are pretty much a larger version of a rectangular sleeping bag and offers more legroom.
  • Mummy Sleeping Bag: Mummy sleeping bags feature a hood, which you can pull over your head. These bags offer more warmth compared to other designs as the sleeping bag traps insulating air.

Another notable advantage is that this design weighs less than a rectangular model, which is especially important if you’re traveling long distances and don’t want to put too much load on your backs.

Temperature Rating

Most sleeping bags include a temperature rating. This rating is used to suggest the minimum temperature a bag can handle. Paying attention to the temperature rating is important before you head over to your desired location.

Sleeping bag.

You can also speak to the manufacturers to determine what kind of product would be better for you based on where you are traveling.

Bag Construction

Ensure the overall construction of the bag is sturdy. Most down bags feature baffles that grips the feathers in place. The shape of the baffles can have a significant impact on the weight and warmth of the bag. The most high-quality sleeping bags feature box baffles that contribute to the bag’s lightweight construction.

On the other hand, low-quality sleeping bags may feature Bavarian Baffles stitched through the layers. This type of construction features limited insulation and thus is not suitable for users who are traveling up the mountains.


The weight of the sleeping bag may not be too important if you're car camping to your favorite location. Car campers can simply load the sleeping bag in their car, and that's pretty much it.

However, if you are trekking or are headed on a backpacking adventure, ensure you’ve purchased a lightweight sleeping bag that won’t slow you down.

We suggest you invest in a sleeping bag with a semi-rectangular shape since these bags are not only lightweight but also comfortable to use.

TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag


Here are some of the best sleeping bags in the market based on different categories:

Best Double Sleeping Bag

Here's our recommendation for the best double sleeping bag:

Winner: TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

The TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is a fairly large sleeping bag that you can easily share with your spouse or young child.

Campers will also appreciate how cozy the sleeping bag is thanks to its plush exterior, which makes the sleeping bag great for family use plus the soft material will allow you to sleep uninterruptedly through the night without injuring your back. The extra cushioning also makes the sleeping bag great for winter camping.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Nearly-queen sized, users, can comfortably share the sleeping bag with their spouse or young kid
  • Includes three separate zippers so that you don't have to disturb the other folks if you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night. This feature also allows users to separate the bags in 2 different quilts
  • Campers can also attach the sleeping bag to more bags for additional sleeping space
  • Features cinch-able draft tubes that comfortably fit around the neck, which prevents drafts and will prevent others from waking up

It includes a high-quality flannel liner which is designed to withstand years of use without wearing off. Additionally, the construction work and Elite fiber fill work exceptionally well together to prevent drafts and cold spots.

TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag


Our Rating

It's worth noting that this sleeping bag will be particularly useful for people who are car-camping. This particular model has been inspired by the original Celsius line, with Fahrenheit bags.

The TETON Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag offers comfort, almost like you're resting in your very own home. Additionally, this bag is an excellent option for colder temperatures.

Runner Up: Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag

The Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is an excellent sleeping bag suitable for all kinds of outdoor adventures including hiking, trekking, and camping. We're well aware of how difficult it can be for users to find a sleeping bag that is perfect for users while paying attention to weight and size.

Customers will be pleased to know that this double sleeping bag is constructed using a synthetic filling that only weighs about 3 pounds, making it among the most lightweight sleeping bags on the market.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Super comfortable and warm design unlike other sleeping bags on the market that feel flimsy and uncomfortable
  • Includes a lifetime warranty, resulting in a risk-free purchase
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, traveling and other outdoor adventures
  • Campers no longer worry about shivering in the cold as a result of heat loss
  • Can conveniently fit two individual sleeping bags

Additionally, the sleeping bag features an impressive size, 87 x 59 inches to be exact, which is perfect for folks who would like to share the sleeping bag with their spouse and are accustomed to sleeping on a queen-sized bed. It also contains a sleeve in case you purchase a sleeping pad later on.

Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking

Our Rating

A sleeping pad is a great investment to make since you will be off the ground. Another notable advantage to keep in mind is that the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag isn't too expensive, making it perfect if you're willing to make a long-term investment for backpacking and tropical camping.

Customers will also appreciate that the sleeping bag is fairly lightweight.

Best Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Our recommendation for the best lightweight backpacking sleeping bag:

Winner: TETON Sports TrailHead+20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Teton is among the best brands in the market when it comes to manufacturing quality camping gear. While shopping for camping gear may be exciting, it can also be frustrating as the temperature outdoors can dramatically change once the sun sets.

The TETON Sports TrailHead is a quality sleeping bag that excels in comfort and aesthetics. Additionally, campers are also likely to be impressed with the product as far as portability is concerned.

Notable Features Of The Sleeping Bag Include

  • Ideal for backpacking, camping, and other outdoor adventures
  • Constructed using soft and breathable materials that will allow you to sleep comfortably through the night
  • Includes foot box design that offers campers plenty of foot space, even when you lie down on your back​
  • Interior pockets that are great for extra storage. You may use it to store your wallet or hold your keys
  • The water-resistant materials is quite sturdy and is resistant to wear and tear
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty so you can put your faith in the brand when it comes to delivering quality products

It includes a full-length draft tube that ensures cold air does not enter inside the sleeping bag or seep in when you close the zipper.

The zippers stay in place to ensure durability and insulation to ensure heat does not escape the bag. Furthermore, zipper pullers on the inside and outside of the bag ensure easy closure.

Cold air around the neck and head can result in constant discomfort, preventing folks from getting an uninterrupted night's rest.

The sleeping bag also includes a drawstring hood that features a shoulder baffle, this keeps the shoulders, neck and head warm, resulting in maximum insulation.

Customers will also be pleased to know that the sleeping bag features PolarLite Insulation. This innovative technology offers plenty of insulation, ensuring you stay warm and cozy inside the sleeping bag no matter what. 

TETON Sports TrailHead +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Runner Up: The Hyke & Byke Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag from Hyke & Byke is among the most durable sleeping bags in the market for many reasons. It not only features waterproof fabrics but also includes duck down insulation to ensure better quality.

Duck down is considered as among the best materials as far as insulation is concerned, which is because the material features microscopic clusters that trap heat. This feature allows campers and backpackers to ensure warmth ranging between 20 and 40 degrees.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Space saving design with quality duck down filling
  • Duck down filling features microscopic air clusters, which is the best natural insulator
  • ​Super long lasting durability with water-repellant materials
  • These compact bags offer plenty of room and don’t take up too much space

Since the sleeping bag is incredibly lightweight, you can conveniently carry it around without any problems. This feature makes the sleeping bag a great option if you will be hiking long distances. You can also choose from two different sizes including XL and tall, depending on your personal needs and requirements.

Lightweight Compression Sack and Five (5) Color Options

Our Rating

The quality zippers, snag-free Velcro, high-end drawstring, and liner are also a testimony to the product’s quality. Thanks to the sleeping bag, you can conveniently travel safely no matter where you go, making it worth the price.

Finding the right sleeping bag can be exceptionally difficult for hikers. Fortunately, the Hyke & Byke Sleeping Bag is excellent for the task. Its lightweight makes it possible for users to travel as far as they want without any inconveniences.

You can climb any mountain or camp out at any destination you want without worrying about carrying too much extra weight.

Best Sleeping Bag For Kids

Here's our recommendation for the best sleeping bag for kids:

Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag

Introducing your child to the wonders of camping is important if you want them to grow up to appreciate nature and the world around them. However, sleeping bags for kids are quite different from adult sized versions and must be big enough to accommodate your child’s growing size.

A sleeping bag also comes in handy when you kid has been invited to a slumber party or simply wants to camp out in the yard. Similar to most parents, it’s perfectly understandable if you want to invest in the very best for your child. Luckily, Coleman is a trusted name that won’t leave you disappointed.

Notable Features Of The Product Include

  • Comfy design with soft exterior
  • Affordable price
  • ​Includes a thermo lock draft that prevents heat loss
  • Colorful design that's bound to ignite your kid's imagination
  • Recommended for who are of the ages 6 and up
  • Rectangular sleeping bag for maximum comfort

The Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag is one of the most popular sleeping bags for kids in the market. Aside from its affordable rate, this sleeping bag is durable and can withstand practically any kind of rough-housing your child might put it through.

Coleman Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag


Our Rating

The Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag is an excellent choice for children who are aged 6 and older. It offers 60 by 26 inches of sleeping space, which means it offers plenty of room for your kids to comfortably lie down and doze off after an energized day at the campsite.

The sleeping bag includes a rectangular design and is glow in the dark (see, we told you your kids would love it). Additionally, the zippers are fairly easy to use, and the overall material is soft, ensuring your kids sleep through the night.

Best of all, the sleeping bag is available in three striking colors including teal, blue and pink with a fun design inside. The Coleman Kids 50 Degree Sleeping Bag has a 50-degree temperature reading which is high enough to ensure your kids stay warm regardless of the temperature outdoors.


Whether you're camping or backpacking, investing in a high-quality sleeping bag is a must if you don't want to damage your back while sleeping on the ground. Hopefully, this detailed guide had provided you with all the information you need. Good luck!

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